Computers & Printing

St. Cloud State University has computers available for students to use in Curriculum-Related Labs and General Access Labs across campus. In addition, the Virtual Lab (AppsAnyWhere) is also available for remote computing. All lab computers are accessible for login with a StarID and password.

General Access Labs are equipped with software programs, plus printers and scanners.

Quick Tip

What’s new
Two-sided printing by default
General Access Lab printers that have two-sided printing available will now print documents to two-sides by default. Single-side documents must be selected manually.

Lab Seats

Find an open computer fast with Lab Seats!

Lab Seats displays a view of open computers in General Access Labs in 11 campus buildings.

Check here for an up-to-the-minute listing of computers currently available for use in General Access Labs, along with a listing of how many are currently being used. This page refreshes every 60 seconds.

Lab Information


Room NumberLab LocationAvailableIn Use
51B22051B 200
AMC117AAtwood Memorial Center  71
AMC117CAtwood Memorial Center 40
AMC124Atwood Memorial Center 20
AMC145Atwood Memorial Center 70
AMC166Atwood Memorial Center 20
AMCB55Atwood Memorial Center Basement 30
CH454Centennial Hall 400
CH455Centennial Hall 790
CSHLABCase Hall  193
EBB206EBB206  191
ECC103Engineering and Computing Center  430
MC125Miller Center - 1st Floor - Coffee Shop  365
MC140Miller Center - 1st Floor 241
MC140ADAMiller Center - 1st Floor 20
MC201Miller Center - 2nd Floor  1182
MC216Miller Center - 2nd Floor 180
MC216BMiller Center - 2nd Floor 481
MH276MH276  160
RG07Riverview 162
SH326Stewart Hall 400
SMH005SMH005 122
SRC57AStudent Rec Center  80
WSB110WSB110 440