Windows HuskyPrint Installation

To use the campus HuskyPrint system on ResNet, or to use your laptop to print from a campus wired access plug-in (open data jack) or wireless connection, you must first install printing.


Vista users who had Huskyprint printers set up prior to 7/31/09 may receive a message saying that installing a driver is necessary to use the printer. If you encounter this error:

  1. Click Install Driver.
  2. A Windows prompt will display a message stating that "Windows needs permission to continue". Click Continue.
  3. Installation may take several minutes during which time the computer may not appear to be doing anything. This is normal, and please be patient while it completes the process.
  4. After installation is complete, you may receive an error saying the print job has failed. This is okay.
  5. Try printing again. The print job should go through normally and be available at the appropriate release station(s).



Installing printing requires that you:

  • Have successfully installed, configured and registered your computer for HuskyNet or ResNet
  • Are currently on campus and active on the network
  • Know your StarID (username) and password
  • Have Windows Vista, XP or 2000

Installation Directions for Windows Systems (Vista, XP or 2000)

  1. Click Start, then click Run… (Vista users, click Start, then click in the Start Search dialog box and begin typing)
  2. Type \\huskyprint\ in the dialog box and click OK.
  3. When prompted, enter your StarID and password. Note: You may need to type stcloudstate\StarID (replace StarID with your StarID).
  4. You should see a list of available print queues. A list of HuskyNet print queues is also available as a reference guide.
  5. Double click the printer you wish to install.

The printer will now be installed on your computer, including necessary drivers. Your installation is complete.

If you reboot your computer, it might be necessary for you to repeat the steps above and supply your StarID and password in the future before you attempt to use an installed HuskyPrint printer. Please note that HuskyPrint services are only available from on campus. You will not be able to print to campus printers from off campus.

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