Get Connected to SCSU Network

St. Cloud State University offers a variety of ways you can connect your computer to the network and technology features from on and off campus.

Wireless access

For maximum mobility, access the Internet through the extensive SCSU Wireless network, available in every building on campus.

Wired access

Plug your laptop into the campus wired network through St. Cloud State’s hundreds of wired access plug-ins (open data jacks).


ResNet provides connections if you’re living in a residence hall, with an Ethernet port for each resident and wireless in every room.

Off-campus access

As long as you have Internet access, you can connect to St. Cloud State’s technology and library resources from virtually anywhere. The St. Cloud area offers many dial-up and broadband Internet service providers for off-campus users.

VPN Access for Faculty & Staff

Allows faculty and staff members secure access to St. Cloud State files and resources while off-campus via St. Cloud State's VPN (Virtual Private Network).


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