HuskyNet Wireless Network

St. Cloud State University is virtually 100 percent wireless. The HuskyNet Wireless network covers every building on campus, including residence halls. All you need is a valid StarID, active at St. Cloud State, and a wireless-enabled laptop or hand-held device, and you can access the Internet and SCSU’s network from almost anywhere on campus.

Student, faculty and staff wireless use requirements

To configure for and use HuskyNet Wireless, you must:

  • Be in a wireless-enabled facility
  • Be a current student, faculty or staff member at SCSU with a valid StarID and password
  • Have Windows 7, Windows 8 or Mac OS X 10.4 or later.
  • Have a compatible wireless network adapter supporting 802.11a, 802.11g, or 802.11n (This encompasses most wireless adapters.)

NOTE: 802.11n wireless connectivity is currently available in all campus buildings.

Configuring and Using HuskyNet Wireless

Recommended method: Connect to HuskyNet Secure

The HuskyNet Secure wireless network uses WPA encryption to keep your information safe.

Windows 8 (.pdf)

Windows 7 (.pdf)

Mac OS (.pdf)

The above instructions will work for the vast majority of people. If you are having trouble getting connected, there are more detailed instructions below. The HelpDesk is also available to assist you with getting connected to wireless.


Recommended method: WPA connection

Alternative method: scsugadgets

Devices, not listed above, or that do not support HuskyNet Secure, may be able to connect using the scsugadgets wireless network. Please contact the HelpDesk at 320-308-2077 for assistance.

Wireless coverage and facilities information

See the wireless coverage map for detailed information about coverage in each campus building.


Quick Tip

Guest and visitor wireless information
Short-term guests can gain temporary access to the Internet via SCSU's wireless network. Guests must have an employee or student of SCSU sponsor their connection. Sponsors may login on the Guest Network Access page to create a guest access account.

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