SCSU Technology HelpDesk


HuskyTech is the technology support center for St. Cloud State University students, faculty and staff.


Consultants are:

  • trained and ready to assist you with your technology needs
  • assist you both on campus and off campus
  • help computer users of all levels, from beginner to advanced

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HuskyTech Services

Some of the areas HuskyTech can assist you:

  • Activating your StarID (username)
  • Configuring your laptop for HuskyNet Wireless
  • Using and managing your SCSU e-mail and File/Web Space
  • Learning how to use a computer or storage device
  • Installing AntiVirus software
  • Removing spyware and viruses from your laptop
  • Using and troubleshooting software
  • Recovering lost or corrupted files

You can find a more complete list on the services page.

ResNet information
If you live in a residence hall, you will find information about ResNet on the ResNet site.


Remote Assistance

If you are currently working with a HuskyTech Consultant and require Remote Assistance, click here.  HuskyTech Consultants will give you a session key, which you will need to type to complete the connection.


Quick Tip

Tracking your help request (incident)
HuskyTech uses special software to track technology-related problems and issues. When you call HuskyTech, staff members will ask for your StarID so they can track the incident and respond to you using your campus contact information.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation when HuskyTech creates a ticket for an unresolved technology issue and also when your incident is officially closed.

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