HuskyNET Password Maintenance

StarID Pilot Users:

If you were in one of our pilot groups and have already had your account converted to use your StarID, DO NOT USE THIS HuskyNET password maintenance for password changes.

To change your StarID password, use the StarID Self Service.

All users will be converted to StarID beginning on March 7, 2014. More information...

Your password for your HuskyNetID (username) gives you access to many services at SCSU, so you should guard it carefully. Never give out your password to anyone else.

Remember, you are responsible for activity that occurs under the HuskyNetID (username) assigned to you.

Quick Tip

Change My Password
You must know your HuskyNetID and current password to be able to change your password.

I Have Forgotten My Password or HuskyNetID
Reset your password or retrieve your HuskyNetID (username).
Note: You must know your SCSU ID and your SCSU ID Password. (Note: This password is different than your HuskyNetID password.)

NOTE: If you have been gone from SCSU for one or more semesters (without graduating), you will need to reactive your HuskyNetID. Please visit our HuskyNet Reactivation page for more information.

Student Organizations: To reset your organization’s password, have your faculty advisor send a e-mail message to requesting the password be reset for your organization.

MnSCU guidelines for secure passwords

Your HuskyNetID password must meet or exceed the following criteria:

  • Be changed at least every 180 days
  • Have a minimum of 8 characters (letters, numbers, or special characters)
  • Have 3 of the 4 types of characters (uppercase, lowercase, numbers, special characters)

For more information, please review the MnSCU Guideline or contact the HelpDesk at (320) 308-2077.

Creating easy-to-remember, secure passwords

  • Use intentionally misspelled words (e.g. “Braekfast23”)
  • Include a punctuation mark in the middle of a word (e.g. “Wea!ther”)
  • Use numbers or punctuation instead of letters (e.g. “Un1versity” or “Univer$ity”)
  • Use a song title or phrase to create a password (e.g. “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” could become “TwTwLiSt!!”)

(Remember, changing your password can be as simple as taking a word – eight letters or more, capitalizing the first letter of that word and changing one of the letters to a symbol.)

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