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The following guidelines relate to the two university faculty and staff listservs, SCSU-Discuss and SCSU-Announce.

  • A message that is for the purpose of personal profitability is not allowed.
  • The lists will be self-regulating.
  • No anonymous postings are permitted.
  • Initially these lists will contain the names of all faculty and staff, part-time and full-time, who have e-mail accounts on University servers.  Participants will be allowed to remove themselves at any time from the list.

In accordance with the Minnesota Department of Employee Relations Administrative Procedure No. 32, and Minnesota Statute Section 43A.38, Subd. 4, political transmissions are prohibited. This would include transmissions which advocate the election of particular candidates for public office at either the federal, state or local level.


This electronic list will serve as a resource for SCSU faculty, staff and administrators to communicate announcements that reflect the professional nature of their work environments.  General announcements can be posted to this list from any faculty or staff account.  The posting should not require or inspire an e-mail response to the whole list.  Office or departmental accounts may also post messages to this list.


This list supports communication between faculty, staff and administrators by disseminating messages that are created in the spirit of civil discourse.  Items may include, but are not limited to, academic topics, opinion pieces, university policy, issues, surveys and postings intended to inspire discussion.

Instructions on how to use these lists and how users can add or remove themselves from the list, if they wish, are located at

Public Folders

Messages posted to SCSU-Announce and SCSU-Discuss are also saved in public folders for up to 30 days. People may choose to read the messages sent to these lists by opening the folder rather than subscribing directly to the list. People may post messages directly to the public folder, too, but these messages will not be distributed to listserv subscribers. Messages posted into the Public Folders are only available for viewing in the public folder.

Access to the public folders is supported by the Outlook client and Outlook Web Access (OWA) with a Web browser.  In Outlook, the public folders are located at the bottom of the Folder List section.  The folders are opened and closed by using point and click on the icons.  The public folders in OWA are opened by clicking on the Public Folders section on the toolbar at the top.

Usage Policies

Activities on SCSU-Announce and SCSU-Discuss are governed by St. Cloud State University policies, MnSCU policies and State of Minnesota statutes. People should consult the University's acceptable use of e-mail policy, which can be found at


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