Policy for Deactivation and Removal of Faculty
Staff HuskyNet Accounts


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The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for deactivation and/or removal of faculty and staff HuskyNet accounts due to a change in employment status.


A change in the employment status of St. Cloud State University (SCSU) faculty or staff requires adjustment in access to HuskyNet accounts to reflect appropriate privileges consistent with that change. Questions related to this policy or its implementation should be directed to the HuskyNet Accounts Manager at huskynetaccounts@stcloudstate.edu for clarification.


When the technology department is notified of a change in an employee’s status (as per SCSU Human Resources procedures), notification of the change is forwarded to the HuskyNet Accounts Manager. The HuskyNet Accounts Manager then sends the Change in HuskyNet Account Status (pdf) form to the individual who sent the initial employment change notification. Once completed and signed by the employee’s supervisor, the form must be returned to the HuskyNet Accounts Manager. The status of the account is then changed as appropriate.

Type of Employment Status Change

Faculty and staff who retire from SCSU are allowed to continue using their HuskyNet account. The account is modified to reflect the change from active employment, effective on the date of retirement. Technology staff conduct an annual review of these accounts to determine their status. Accounts that are no longer needed are removed.

Resignation/Termination/Appoinment End
HuskyNet accounts for faculty or staff who resign, are terminated, or whose work appointment has ended are deactivated on the effective date indicated by the Change in HuskyNet Account Status (pdf) form. Incoming e-mail to the account can be redirected to another internal or external e-mail address, but the supervisor must make that request at the time of the change in employment. This redirection is available for a maximum of 90 days from the end of employment date. The immediate supervisor should review files and Web pages associated with the account and take appropriate action to secure the information prior to the employment end date.

Sabbatical/Leave of Absence
Faculty and staff in this employment status remain employees of SCSU; therefore, the HuskyNet access privileges remain unchanged, unless a change is specifically requested.

HuskyNet accounts for faculty or staff who transfer within SCSU are modified on the effective date indicated by the Change in HuskyNet Account Status (pdf) form.

Approved by Human Resources
November 21, 2011

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