Software Request form

This form is for SCSU faculty/staff members, departments and administrators to request software to be installed in the following locations:

  • SCSU General Access Computer Labs
  • Miller Center Public Computing Areas
  • Electronic classrooms
  • Virtual Lab

Please complete and submit one copy of this form for each piece of software you would like to request.

Send any software via campus mail or deliver to the following location after your request has been confirmed:

Sam Barhorst, HuskyTech Coordinator
Miller Center 112-09

After your request has been submitted and the software has been received, technicians will review and test it for compatibility with SCSU systems. You will then be notified on the status of the software request, and the software will be sent back to your office/area via campus mail.

We are not responsible for lost or damaged software. If you have any questions, please contact Sam Barhorst at or call 308-4710.

NOTE - All requests are tentative based on a review of compatibility, appropriate funding
and the licensing information is verified.

Requestor Information

HuskyNet E-mail* (
* You must supply your correct HuskyNet E-mail address or your request will not be processed.

Software Installation

(Please indicate whether the request is a renewal of current software or new software)

RENEW (Current Software)     NEW (Software Request)

Software Information

Software Name
Publisher Name
Software download Yes No
Version number
Publisher URL (web site)
Download URL (if needed)

Software Use Information

Operating System (for software) Windows   Macintosh   Both
Describe use of the software (detail)
List location(s) to install software: (if known)

Licensing Information

Licensing is required for software deployment and is provided by the requestor.

License Status (Software FAQ)
License Agreement/End user agreement (URL from sofware web site)
Number of licenses for request (if needed)
Do you have funding for the software? Yes No
Funding source (if known)

Additional Information

Additional Comments (if needed)

A confirmation of your request will be sent to you via e-mail. Thank You!