SCSU Microsoft Campus License Agreement


St. Cloud State University and MnSCU have entered into an agreement with Microsoft whereby the university pays an annual fee to license several Microsoft products for on-campus and faculty/staff home use. This allows any computer on campus to have access to most Microsoft products to be installed without staff having to keep track of individual purchase orders and licenses. The software must be used for school-related purposes, and Windows upgrades must be done on a system with a legal copy of an operating system. The software is intended for SCSU faculty and staff only! Students, emeriti or retired staff are not included in this agreement and they are should not install any of the software.

What Is Covered

WINDOWS- Software* WINDOWS - Operating Systems*
  • Microsoft Office 2010 (PC)
    Includes Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, InfoPath, Communicator, OneNote
  • Microsoft Office 2010 (PC)
    Includes Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, and InfoPath

  • Limited on-campus licenses
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (PC)
  • Microsoft Project 2010 (PC)
  • Microsoft Visio 2010 (PC)
  • Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 (PC)
  • Microsoft Windows Desktop Operating System Upgrades

Win 8

Win 7 Enterprise

MACINTOSH - Software*
  • Microsoft Office Professional 2008 (Mac)
    Includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Virtual PC, and Entourage
  • Microsoft Office Professional 2004 (Mac)
    Includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Virtual PC, and Entourage
  • Microsoft Office v. X (Mac)
    Includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Virtual PC, and Entourage

Faculty and staff can install one copy of selected titles on their home computer for school-related use only.
Titles include: Office Suite, SharePoint Designer, Project, Publisher, FrontPage, and Visual Studio.

Contact the Computer Store (308-4944) for more details.

Work at-home details from Microsoft:

* All of these products can be installed on any university-owned machine on campus including student-use computers in open and departmental labs and work areas. Contact your college technical support person or the HelpDesk (308-2077) for installation.

What Is Not Covered

  • Students or student workers cannot download copies of software for home use.
  • Emeritus are not allowed to download Microsoft software for home use.
  • The Windows operating system license itself is not included. You should still purchase Windows with a new campus computer as usual.
  • Microsoft offers other programs as Add-on products to the license but MnSCU is not purchasing this option.  Titles in this category include PhotoDraw, Works and interactive titles from Microsoft Press such as "Windows Starts Here", "Windows Workstation Starts Here" and "Web Publishing Step by Step".
  • Server software such as 2000/2003 Server, Exchange, ISA, SQL, SNA, SMS, etc.

More Details Available

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the software distributed on campus?
Call your college technical support person (or the HelpDesk at 308-2077) to have them install any of these titles on your office computer. You will need to fill out the necessary form. Computer support technicians install the software instead of providing the media directly to departments.

How is the software distributed for home installations?
Contact the HuskyTech Support Center (308-7000) which is on the 1st floor of the Miller Center, room 102. Emeritus are not allowed to acquire the software for home use. See the Microsoft web site for more details on home use, .

What if I don't have a CD drive in my computer?
You can bring your computer (laptop or desktop) to the HuskyTech Support Center and see about possible install options. You will NOT need to bring any other items, like your monitor or keyboard.

What are the guidelines for home use?
Each faculty and staff are allowed to load one download of the software on home machines for non-commercial, school-related activities.

Are visiting and adjunct professors covered?
Yes, as long as they were included in the FTE count as part-time faculty. You agree to all conditions, one of which is that you will uninstall the software if you are no longer employed by SCSU.

Does this cover people at the St. Cloud Technical and Community College or other MnSCU institutions?
No, it does not cover people at the St. Cloud Technical and Community College. Likewise, other MnSCU institutions would need to arrange their own license agreement with Microsoft.

What is covered as far as the Windows operating system is concerned?
Windows itself is not covered in the license, but a version of Windows came licensed with your computer. What is covered in the agreement is the ability to upgrade your campus machine from any version of Windows (as far back as Windows 3.1) up to any version of Windows that you prefer (and that your specific hardware can handle).

I've got a Macintosh with Virtual PC. Can I have the Microsoft applications I want installed on both platforms?
Yes, as long as it is on the same physical machine. The license recognizes you as a one user.

Is technical support included with Campus Agreement?
No. You should still go to your regular avenues of support through the HuskyTech Support Center (308-7000) and the college/departmental support technicians.

Will we be adding any of the add-on products not currently included in the agreement?
This is re-evaluated every year and there have been changes regarding Project and Publisher through the years. If a title is not included, you would need to purchase it individually.

Will we be adding the student coverage at a later date?
It is not likely that we would add student coverage in the future based on the added expense and administration efforts. There is, however, a separate Microsoft Studentt license whereby students can purchase Microsoft Office from the campus HuskyTech Support Center (308-7000).

Will this agreement with Microsoft always exist? What happens if we discontinue it?
If we discontinued the agreement, we would have to uninstall all Microsoft applications installed. This was taken into account with the acceptance of the agreement and it is assured that the agreement will continue and be funded in the future.


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