Campus/iCampus Desktop (Roaming Profiles)

Quick Tip

Remember to Log Off!
For security reasons, it is important that you log off of lab computers and instructor workstations when you have completed your work. If you fail to log off, other users could have access to your documents and e-mail.

All SCSU computer uses can take advantage of Campus Desktop (Windows) and iCampus Desktop (Macintosh), which provide roaming profiles that allow you to use customized, personal settings.

When you login to a Campus/iCampus Desktop-enabled computer with your StarID and password, you are provided with direct access to your File/Web Space and the ability to personalize desktop and program settings. Once you personalize your settings, they will automatically be applied whenever you login to a Campus/iCampus Desktop-enabled computer.

Campus/iCampus Desktop are supported in all campus General Access Computer Labs, all computer labs in Miller Center (library) and some Curriculum Labs.

Campus/iCampus Desktop features

  • Personalized desktop settings, including background
  • One-click access to personal File/Web space
  • Personalized Internet browser settings
  • Personal Favorites/Bookmarks
  • Customized application toolbars and menu properties
  • Full Microsoft Outlook client for your St. Cloud State E-mail (Windows)
  • Recently used documents

Using Campus/iCampus Desktop

Students: When students activate their StarIDs, they are automatically set up to take advantage of Campus/iCampus Desktop. Each student is provided with a individual configuration that may be customized to fit personal needs.

Faculy/staff: Faculty and staff are not automatically enrolled in Campus/iCampus Desktop and must opt in.

A benefit of using Campus/iCampus Desktop for faculty and staff is the ability to move from location to location on campus and have any Campus/iCampus Desktop-enabled computer look and feel like your office computer. In addition, your settings are stored on a central computer and backed up in case your computer fails or you receive a new computer in your office. Simply login to the new computer and your personal settings are applied automatically.

To opt in, please contact the HuskyTech. For assistance, contact the HuskyTech, your InforMedia Services liaison or your college technician.