The Virtual Lab


Using the Virtual Lab and Applications

Before using this guide, please make sure you have the Citrix ICA Client already installed on your system. The purpose of this guide is to provide a basic overview of how to use the Virtual Lab to get access to the software we have available. Also discussed are how to change settings and how to set the level of access the software will have to the files on your local computer.

  1. Go to the Virtual Lab web site at and click the link "Enter the Virtual Lab".
  2. Choose Yes to open the Virtual Lab site. (This option will only appear using Internet Explorer.)
    Step 2 Screenshot
  3. Log In to the Virtual Lab by entering your StarID and password.

    Log on to the Virtual Lab

  4. Here you will see the Applications menu. Here you will find individual applications and folders of applications you can launch on your computer. Use the "breadcrumb" links above the icons to navigate between the folders. Click any application to open it.

    Virtual Lab Menu

  5. The Preferences menu allows you to customize some aspects of the Virtual Lab. Mac users may want to change the size of the display window, this option is located under Session Settings . Click the Applications button at the top of the screen to return to the applications list.
  6. When you open an application from the Virtual Lab, you will be presented with the following window asking for access to local files on your computer. If you check No Access, you will not be able to use your local files or save to your hard drive. If you check Read Access, you will be able to see your local files, but not make any changes. Finally, if you choose Full Access, you will be able to view, change and create files on your local hard drive. After you have checked your options, click OK.

    No matter which options you choose on this screen, you will always have full access to files stored in your HuskyNet FileSpace (X: drive).
    Step 6 Screenshot
  7. When you have finished with a program, you can close it and return to the Virtual Lab menu by either clicking the X button in the top right corner or by closing the program though its menu.