You will find help and support for myHuskyNet at HuskyTech ( and below in our Frequently Asked Questions.  Please contact the HelpDesk with any issues, questions, or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is myHuskyNet?

The myHuskyNet student portal is a gateway to customized information regarding your campus services and campus life. It can be customized to provide you with only the information YOU are interested in at St. Cloud State University.

How do I submit feedback or request changes to myHuskyNet?

Click on the “FEEDBACK” tab on the top of the screen and fill out the form.

Who should l contact if I have questions related to myHuskyNet?

St. Cloud State University’s technology HelpDesk is located in the Miller Center and in the Atwood Memorial Center, and the staff is always willing to answer computer related questions, especially with regards to myHuskyNet.

Do Faculty/Staff see a different version of myHuskyNet?

Yes!  Faculty and Staff do not have the same view.  They see fewer portlets open and fewer tabs.  However, by clicking on the “CUSTOMIZE” button underneath the Welcome tab, they can open up any of the portlets that students see. 

Does myHuskyNet work in all web browsers?

The portal has been tested on the following browsers:

  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Safari
  4. Firefox
  5. iOS (mobile)
  6. Android (mobile)

Does myHuskyNet work using mobile devices?

Yes, myHuskyNet is mobile-friendly and will work on mobile devices.  Simply open your web browser and navigate to and log in with your HuskyNetID and password.

How can I customize the view (colors, columns, etc)?

  • Click on the “CUSTOMIZE” button which is located under the Welcome tab.  Select the “Colors” button from the toolbar on the left side of the ribbon that appears. The ribbon will now display options for theme changes.
  • To add additional columns, select the “CUSTOMIZE” button on the upper left-hand side of your screen. Select the “Layouts” button on the left side of the ribbon that appears. The ribbon will now display options for adding or removing columns, and you may also choose alignment changes.

What is a portlet?

A portlet refers to each of the small windows with myHuskyNet. These small windows are actually applications that can be opened on your screen, allowing you to customize your view of myHuskyNet.

What are the most commonly used portlets?

The most commonly used portlets are currently:

  • The “HUSKYNET SERVICES” portlet
  • The “COURSE SCHEDULE” portlet
  • The “BOOKMARKS” portlet
  • The “WEATHER” portlet
  • The “HUSKYNET EMAIL” portlet

How do I open a new portlet or reopen a portlet that I have closed?

  • Step 1: Once you have logged into myHuskyNet, click on the “CUSTOMIZE” button (menu) in the upper left corner of the screen, underneath the Welcome tab.
  • Step 2: Select the portlet you want from the options available by clicking on it and holding.
  • Step 3: Drag the portlet to the lower part of your screen and let go of your click where you would like the portlet to be opened.

How can I modify a portlet?

For portlets that support changes or modifications, you may click on the “Edit portlet” button in the upper right-hand corner of that portlet.  It looks like a cog or wheel. Modification options are different for each portlet.

One of my portlets is not displaying correctly.  What should I do?

Log out of myHuskyNet. Close your internet browser. Clear your browser cache (view instructions). If problems persist, please call HuskyTech at 320-308-7000.

How do I report a broken portlet?

Call the HuskyTech at (320) 308-7000

Individual Portlet Questions

Why can’t I send an e-mail from the e-mail portlet?

On the main page of myHuskyNet, there is an e-mail portlet which allows you to see a preview of your HuskyNet e-mail.  Though you can read messages, you cannot create or reply to messages using the portlet. You may click the “INBOX” button in the portlet. or you may click on the e-mail button in the “HUSKYNET SERVICES” portlet in order to access your full HuskyNet e-mail experience.

Why can’t I add/edit/delete a calendar item from the Calendar portlet?

The calendar portlet is a preview of your calendars.

Why can’t I open e-Services?

When first using the “HUSKYNET SERVICES” portlet, you need to provide the portlet with your e-Services credentials before you may access e-Services through the student portal.  Click on “Update e-Services Password” and type in your username and password.  Click “Save and continue to e-Services” and you will be logged in.  In the future, when you click on e-Services, you will be logged in automatically.

Do I need to manually change the password that I use to log into e-Services when I reset my password for that account?

If you change your password to e-Services, you must also update your e-Services password on the “HUSKYNET SERVICES” portlet.  You can do this by clicking on the “Update e-Services Password” button.

Who should I contact if my advisor is not listed correctly?

If there is a problem with the advisor not displaying correctly, please contact the Advising office.