Campus rooms equipped for the Classroom Performance System

These SCSU classrooms are equipped for the Classroom Performance System (CPS):

  1. Brown Hall 108 (115 seats)
  2. Centennial Hall 100 (120 seats)
  3. Eastman 201 (100-plus seats)
  4. Education Building A226 (98 seats)
  5. Engineering & Computer Center 111 (165 seats)
  6. Headley Hall 228 (207 seats)
  7. Headley Hall 230 (60 seats)
  8. Miller Center 122 (auditorium) (178 seats)
  9. Performing Arts Center 230 (165 seats)
  10. Performing Arts Center 260 (Center Stage) (400 seats)
  11. Stewart Hall 111 (auditorium) (911 seats)
  12. Stewart Hall 108 (124 seats)
  13. Stewart Hall 308 (75 seats)
  14. Stewart Hall 322 (75 seats)
  15. Wick Science Building 114 (95 seats)
  16. Wick Science Building 116 (234 seats)
  17. Wick Science Building 124 (95 seats)
  18. Wick Science Building 125 (95 seats)

These rooms have a base station that will track and record responses students send with their eInstruction response pads.

Using the system in a non-equipped room

Instructors who would like to use the CPS in a room not on this list can also order a kit to use the CPS in most e-classrooms. The kit includes a receiver, which can be plugged into the USB port of any of the computers in e-classrooms or into a USB-equipped laptop. You will need to download software from the eInstructon Web site to make the system operational. Please consult with your Campus Technician to assist with this process.

In addition to a receiver, the CPS kit also includes a response pad and instructions for getting started. SCSU faculty are eligible to receive a kit at no charge. Simply send an e-mail to Susan Junior at eInstruction,, notifying her that:

  • You will be teaching a class at St. Cloud State University and will be using eInstruction's Higher Ed RF CPS
  • SCSU is an eInstruction standardized campus
  • You would like to receive a kit to familiarize yourself with the system.

Be sure to give her an address for delivery.

She has been very quick to respond to requests for these kits.