HuskyNet Course Files & E-mail Lists

Course Files

Course Files is a service of HuskyNet that provides working directory file space for courses at SCSU. A separate folder is provided for each section of a class.

Requesting Course Files (Instructors Only)

Instructors: If you would like to use Course Files, please fill out the Course Files Request Form.

Students seeking help with Course Files should contact their instructor.


Course Files are only accessible from on campus. When using a Campus Desktop- or iCampus Desktop-enabled computer on campus, Course Files will automatically be mapped for you as a drive letter on Windows and a folder on Macintosh computers. Instructors will also have Course Files mapped when logging into their office computer.

Course Files Folders

Inside each class folder are as many as three special folders:

  • AssignmentDropbox: Intended to allow students to electronically hand in assignments. Students cannot view what is in the folder but can copy files/folders into it.
Quick Tip

Tips for using Assignment Dropbox

  • Create a local folder for each assignment and place your assignment in the folder. Be sure to provide the folder a unique name to protect against being written over by someone else.
  • Check with your instructor as he or she may have a standard file and folder naming scheme for your course.
  • Turn in your assignment by dragging the folder into the AssignmentDropBox.


  • CourseInfo: This is a folder that students have read-only access to and is a place where the instructor can place course information such as a syllabus, assignments and assignment data sets.
  • StudentWorkFolder: This is an optional folder that an instructor can have added to the course when the course files folder is created for a particular course. Inside this folder, each student has a private folder (named by their StarID) in which they can do their work. This folder is private, meaning other students can't access each other's folders.

Creating other folders and files

Outside of the special folders, students and the instructor have the ability to create folders and add, modify and delete files. This can also be an area where the instructor creates group folders for doing projects and other group work.


Course E-mail Lists

Course E-mail Lists provide instructors with the ability to e-mail students in their courses through use of a single e-mail address for each section of a class they are teaching. Each list can also be set up to allow students to e-mail the list in a discussion format.

Requesting Course E-mail Lists (Instructors Only)

Instructors: If you would like to use Course E-mail Lists, please fill out the Course E-mail Lists Request Form.

Students seeking help with Course E-mail Lists should contact their instructor.