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INSTRUCTORS: Fill out and submit the form below to request an e-mail list. All fields are required. This form is not to be used by students. Students should contact their instructor to see if an e-mail list will be used in a particular course.

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NOTE- To combine an Undergraduate/Graduate course, enter both Course ID's separated by a comma.

I would like to be the only person (instructor) to post to the list. Yes    No
By choosing this option, you will be the only one allowed to send to the list. If you select No, please explain in the Additional Information window below.

I would like to have my students be able to post to the list. Yes    No
All students associated with the course will be able to send to the list. All identities of the students will be anonymous.

If you need to have graduate assistants or teaching assistants added to your course e-mail list, please indicate below by listing their names or StarID(s).

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