Computer Requirements

For students and faculty, D2L Brightspace requirements are:

An Internet Connection

NOTE: Preferably a LAN or a Cable Modem connection because most content is data intensive.

A Web Browser

Windows: Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 4.0 or higher, Chrome (latest version). [Internet Explorer 9 or Firefox 7 is recommended.]
Macintosh: Mozilla Firefox 4.0 or higher or Safari 4. [Firefox 7 is recommended.]
**Your browser should be able to accommodate both JavaScript and Java.

Mobile: iOS 3 or 4, Android 1.5 or later, or Blackberry 6.

To download the most recent version of a browser, go to the appropriate company Web site:

Internet Explorer | Mozilla | Safari | Chrome

NOTE: Based on the resources used in a class, instructors may require additional software or hardware. Students should check directly with their instructor for course-specific requirements.

System Check

To make sure all your software and hardware are ready to use with D2L Brightspace, do a system check now.

If you have questions or experience further problems after reviewing the above, contact HuskyTech at (320) 308-2077 or stop in.