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Learning Spaces at SCSU

St. Cloud State University has more than 200 learning spaces/electronic classrooms that allow instructors to enhance their teaching with technology. The number of these learning spaces on campus increases each year as more faculty integrate multimedia into their curriculum.

Campus Learning Spaces feature a full range of audio-visual technology:

  • Computer
  • Projector and screen
  • DVD/VCR player
  • Speakers
  • Telephone
  • Touchscreen audio-visual management system that puts multimedia controls at your fingertips

SCSU’s learning spaces have been upgraded with a consistent system and design so each room has a similar operation, making it easier for instructors to move from room to room.

In-room Support

  • The touchscreen control system allows technicians to remotely address problems with the equipment, so they can work on troubleshooting problems without having to physically come to your classroom.
  • E-classroom telephones give instructors an on-site method for reaching your college technician or the HelpDesk should you need immediate technical support. Each phone has a HelpDesk hot button for convenient access to support staff. The phone is on or near the instructor’s station.


User Manuals

Online Manuals are available for instructors and students who use electronic classrooms, conference rooms, group study rooms, auditoriums, and ITV classrooms. 


Learning Spaces Design

The Learning Spaces team design and build campus learning spaces for both formal and informal instruction. Departments that would like to request an Learning Space be designed for their area can contact e-classroom specialist Kelly Larson at Visit our Planning and Design site for a full list of options.

Instructor Training Available

Instructors who would like training on the technology in their e-classroom can contact InforMedia Services, You may also contact your area’s college technician if you need assistance with an e-classroom.

List of Learning Spaces/E-classrooms

For a list of learning spaces/campus electronic classrooms, visit the SCSU Scheduling site for a comprehensive building list of rooms. Other inquiries, please contact Mary Otremba in Academic Affairs,