About Your StarID

Activate your StarID

In order to access St. Cloud State University Online Services, all students, faculty and staff must activate their StarID.

Activation and Password Changes

  • StarID Self Service site
  • To activate your StarID you will need your TechID or the personal email address that you provided to St. Cloud State.
  • NOTE: The activation portion of the MnSCU StarID site DOES NOT WORK with Internet Explorer 11. We recommend using Internet Explorer 10 (or earlier), Firefox or Safari when activating your StarID.

Graduation and your account

Find out how long you will have access to your technology services, including your StarID, after graduation.

Learn more about your account...

StarID: A StarID will contain 2 letters, 4 numbers, and 2 more letters (e.g. “ab1234cd” or “qm8762bg”).

TechID and HuskyNetID are no longer used as a username (you will be using your StarID). TechID will still exist as an identification number within system records.

Your StarID gives you access to all of these features and more:

Many of these features are accessible off campus through the Information Technology Services site, putting St. Cloud State’s technology at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

To create supplemental (departmental) accounts, faculty and staff may complete a Supplemental Account request.


Quick Tip

 Getting Assistance

Name Changes

If you are a student and you have changed your legal name, please be sure to contact Records & Registration (308-3936) to change your name in the St. Cloud State University directory. If you are a faculty or staff member and you have changed your legal name, please be sure to contact Human Resources to change your name within the St. Cloud State system.

After changing your name with Records & Registration or Human Resources, your new display name will show up within 24 - 48 hours. Your StarID will not be changed.