E-mail at St. Cloud State


St. Cloud State e-mail is now in Office 365.

Students, faculty and staff can access their St. Cloud State e-mail once they activate their StarID.

Important Note

E-mail is an official form of communication to students, faculty, and staff at St. Cloud State, so please check e-mail frequently to be sure you don't miss important announcements.

E-mail Address

Your e-mail address will be automatically generated for you by St. Cloud State and will end in @stcloudstate.edu. This will be provided to you after you are admitted to St. Cloud State.


Access to your e-mail in Office 365 is with your St. Cloud State email address and StarID password.

E-mail Quota

Each person has a quota, or amount of available space for e-mail. Office 365 will allow students, faculty and staff the following space:

  • Student quota - 50GB
  • Faculty and staff quota - 50GB

Spam and Unsolicited E-mail

Spam, also known as electronic junk mail, includes any unsolicited commercial e-mails you receive. To learn more about what St. Cloud State is doing to reduce spam in your inbox and how to protect yourself from being a target for spam, see St. Cloud State's Spam Solution.

Attachment Sizes and Restrictions

Quick Tip

Large attachments
If you have an attachment larger than 20 MB, instead of e-mailing it you can place it in your personal Web space and then e-mail the person a Web link to the file. You can remove the file once you are certain the person has retrieved it from the server.

Changing the Display Name of your Account

If you need to have your name changed, you must contact Records & Registration (Administrative Services Building - Room 118) to alter your name in the St. Cloud State University records system. Once you have done this, the display name for your D2L Brightspace course and your St. Cloud State e-mail will update automatically within 48 hours. If this change has not been completed within 48 hours, please email helpdesk@stcloudstate.edu.