E-mail at St. Cloud State


SCSU E-mail Listservers

SCSU offers listserver services for use by faculty, staff and student organizations. Listservs are similar to a newsgroups or forums, except that the messages are transmitted via e-mail and are available only to individuals subscribed to a particular list.

SCSU Faculty and Staff Lists

SCSU provides two university lists, SCSU-Discuss and SCSU-Announce. The Announce and Discuss Guidelines for use are available in the polices section.


This electronic list will serve as a resource for SCSU faculty, staff and administrators to communicate announcements that reflect the professional nature of their work environments. General announcements can be posted to this list from any faculty or staff account. The posting should not require or inspire an e-mail response to the whole list. Office or departmental accounts may also post messages to this list.


This list supports communication between faculty, staff and administrators by disseminating messages that are created in the spirit of civil discourse. Items may include, but are not limited to, academic topics, opinion pieces, university policy, issues, surveys and postings intended to inspire discussion.

Other Lists

SCSU provides self-maintained lists for many departments, workgroups and organizations. If you are interested in using a list for your group, please send an e-mail to postmaster@stcloudstate.edu. Be sure to provide details regarding your needs.

SCSU Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board provides SCSU faculty and staff an interactive space where they can post and view announcements, information and events in categories such as For Sale items, For Free items, Wanted items, Campus Announcements, Community Announcements, Lost Items, Campus Events, and Community Events. Visit the Faculty/Staff Bulletin Board for more information or to log in and use the Bulletin Board.