Expiration And Removal of Access to Services


St. Cloud State provides access to technology services, using their StarID, one year past the term in which they graduated.

  • Fall semester graduates: Service extension until December of the following year
  • Spring semester graduates: Service extension until May of the following year
  • Summer session graduates: Service extension until August of the following year

After the extension period has expired, accounts are disabled and removed from the system. Alumni need to remove or copy their account files to another location before their technology access and account expire.

Quick Tip

Saving your data
Copy your files and/or dccuments to another location if you wish to keep them for future use. You can copy them to a flash drive (memory stick) or move to another location. If you need assistance, please contact HuskyTech at huskytech@stcloudstate.edu.

Non-enrollment Account Expiration

The following general information pertains to expiration and removal of accounts for students who have not officially graduated from St. Cloud State.

A StarID remains active at St. Cloud State as long as a student is continuously enrolled in courses at St. Cloud State.

  • Account Deactivation- Accounts will be deactivated 9 months after the term of last enrollment for undergraduate students and 12 months after the term of last enrollment for graduate students. New e-mail will not be delivered and existing e-mail and private files will be retained but not accessible.
    Exceptions and Extensions- Special circumstances that would require you to access your account.
  • Account Removal/Deletion- Deactivated accounts at St. Cloud State, and the files and e-mail associated with them, will be deleted from the St. Cloud State system one year after the account has been in the deactivated state. St. Cloud State University is not responsible for any deleted information due to removal of a StarID access, files or e-mail. Once an account is deleted, St. Cloud State cannot retrieve files or e-mail.
Quick Tip

Regaining Access to Services
If you are returning to St. Cloud State from a semester or more away, once you are registered for classes, your StarID access to services will return.

If your StarID password has expired, you will need to reset the password for it to be active again. If you previously used your HuskyNetID and do not yet have a StarID, activate yours now.