HuskyNet Web Space

St. Cloud State University provides each student, student organization, faculty and staff member the ability to publish a personal Web site on St. Cloud State’s network and to store Web files.

Your Web Space is located in a folder in your File Space called "WebSpace".

Your personal Web site address

The public address (the address you would give to friends, family and others) depends on your status. Replace "email" with the first part of your email address (minus the

  • Student Web pages:
  • Faculty and staff:
Quick Tip

Directory of SCSU Personal Web Pages

Building Your Site

You can access your Web Space a number of ways depending on your operating system. Web Space access is similar to HuskyNet File Space access. Once you have saved a document in your Web Space folder, that document is now viewable at your personal Web site.

On-Campus (Windows) access

  • Faculty and staff desktop access: Drive "X" is mapped to File Space, so it should automatically appear on the desktop and is accessible when you login on your office computer.
  • Student desktop access: Drive "X" is mapped to File Space. When you logon to a campus computer, you will see an icon that says “Access HuskyNet Services.” When you open that icon, your File Space and Web Space will appear.

On-Campus (Macintosh) access

  • Faculty, staff and student access:  The File Space icon is placed right on the your desktop, like your hard drive.  (This is also called a “Mounted Volume”)

Off-Campus/ResNet access (Windows & Macintosh)

  • File/Web Space: Through one Web-based login, students, faculty and staff can access personal File Space, Web Space and Course Files. Go to the HuskyNet home page and click on the File/Web Space button. Faculty and staff are also able to access department files through this method. This is the preferred method of connecting off campus and in residence halls.
  • SFTP: Student, faculty, and staff encrypted access through use of Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) requiring use of third-party software.

Accessing File/Web Space with SFTP

To access your File/Web Space using SFTP, use the address below. Once you have downloaded a client utility such as Core FTP, you can use the address below to access your File/Web space as well as Course Files and Department Files (department files only if you are faculty or staff.)

Dreamweaver Site Setup:

  • Connect Using: SFTP
  • SFTP Address:
  • Username/Password: Enter you StarID and password
  • Root Directory: (case sensitive)
    • Faculty: /FacultyStaffFiles/WebSpace
    • Students: /StudentFiles/WebSpace

CoreFTP Site Setup:

  • Host/IP/URL:
  • Advanced Button -> Directory/Folder -> Remote Start Folder:
    • Faculty: /FacultyStaffFiles/WebSpace
    • Students: /StudentFiles/WebSpace
  • Username/Password: Enter you StarID and password
  • Connection: SSH/SFTP

FileZilla Site Setup:

  • Host:
  • Server Type: SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol
  • User/Password: Enter you StarID and password
  • Advanced Tab -> Default Remote Directory:
    • Faculty: /FacultyStaffFiles/WebSpace
    • Students: /StudentFiles/WebSpace


SCSU disclaimer
St. Cloud State University recognizes the value and potential of personal publishing on the Internet, and also allows and encourages students, staff and faculty to experiment with producing personal Web sites. However, St. Cloud State University accepts no responsibility for the content of those sites. The views and opinions expressed on personal Web sites are strictly those of the site authors, and comments on the contents should be directed to the site authors. University personnel do not edit or pre-approve personal Web sites.