Student Campus Desktop Policy



Accounts Manager:


The purpose of this policy is to delineate the specifics of the Student Campus Desktop system at St. Cloud State University. Campus Desktop was created to provide end-user customization and a flexible computer environment through personal desktop contents, personalized settings for applications and operating systems, access to the full Outlook client program, and automatic access to personal HuskyNet file space and Web space. This policy also addresses MnSCU security concerns for greater accountability in the use of computing resources.


St. Cloud State University students using campus computing resources are required to abide by all applicable policies, including the SCSU Student Code of Conduct, Acceptable Use, and other MnSCU and State policies.  Important considerations regarding the use of Campus Desktop include:


Individuals are responsible for any use of accounts. If an account is shared or the password divulged to unauthorized parties, the individual or group assigned the account might lose all account privileges and may be held responsible for any actions that arise from the misuse of the account. In particular, computer accounts, passwords, and other types of authorization are assigned to individual users or authorized group representatives and should not be shared with others. Accounts are subject to all applicable Federal and State laws, University policies and contracts.

Data Collection, Retention, and Use

The University stores electronic communication data.  Stored data may include, but are not limited to, login date/time and logoff date/time and Web browser bookmarks, cache and cookie files.  Data may be reviewed for purposes of licensing, service improvements, and investigating potential misuse. Access to and retention of information about individuals is subject to all applicable federal and state laws, university policies and contracts.

Approved by LR&TS Dean’s Advisory Council: June 1, 2011
Approved by PPC: March 11, 2011
Last reviewed/revised by PPC: March 11, 2011