Policy for Student Accounts


HuskyTech: huskytech@stcloudstate.edu



The purpose of this policy is to define student eligibility for obtaining a St. Cloud State account, and once obtained, specify when the accounts are deactivated, reactivated and removed.


A student must be enrolled in a minimum of one course for the current or ensuing semester to obtain a St. Cloud State account. Verification is directly linked to St. Cloud State’s enrollment file in the Integrated Statewide Record System (ISRS). When an individual is not currently enrolled, other special circumstances may allow for the individual to be eligible for a St. Cloud State account. These special circumstances are:

  • Graduate students not currently enrolled, but actively working on a thesis.
    Graduate students who need an extension of technology services to complete a thesis, paper or culminating project must enroll in a graduate course titled Registration Continuation. Masters students should enroll in 691 and doctoral students should enroll in 891. For more details or if you have questions, please contact the Graduate Studies office.
  • Students with an incomplete and not currently enrolled.
    Students who receive a grade of “I” during a semester retain an active account for 9 months after the term of last enrollment for undergraduate students and 12 months after the term of last enrollment for graduate students. An exception to this policy can be made, but it requires that the course instructor to submit an online Extension Request stating that the student is in the process of completing a course from an earlier semester and requires the St. Cloud State account.
  • Students on military leave from the University.
    When the St. Cloud State Office of Records and Registration (AS 118) receives notice from a student that he/she is called to active duty, the student’s account will be flagged, indicating that he/she is on active duty for a specified amount of time. The account will remain active for that period of time. 
  • St. Cloud Technical and Community College students living in St. Cloud State residence halls, but not enrolled at St. Cloud State.
    These students are required to have a St. Cloud State account to access ResNet, and are therefore assessed the St. Cloud State technology fee to cover associated costs. The student’s enrollment at St. Cloud Technical and Community College is flagged in ISRS and is verifiable.
  • Other special circumstance individuals where need must be verified. The undergraduate student’s advisor must submit an online Extension Request.


Activation of St. Cloud State Accounts

In order to access St. Cloud State University Online Services, all students must activate their StarID at the StarID Self Service site.

St. Cloud State e-mail is recognized as an official communication channel for all students enrolled at SCSU, and the St. Cloud State address is designated as their e-mail contact in ISRS. The University has the right to expect that students will receive, read and act expeditiously upon communication distributed through St. Cloud State e-mail.

Deactivation of St. Cloud State Accounts

Accounts will be deactivated 9 months after the term of last enrollment for undergraduate students and 12 months after the term of last enrollment for graduate students.

New e-mail will not be delivered and existing e-mail and private files will be retained but not accessible. If you have special circumstances that would require you to access your account during this time, please visit our Exceptions and Extensions page.

In some cases, a student’s HuskyNet account may be temporarily deactivated for violation of some University policy, e.g., violations stemming from misuse of ResNet, e-mail, or a violation of the Student Code of Conduct. The request to deactivate a student’s HuskyNet account by the proper administrative authority must be communicated to the Director of Information Technology Services. When the decision is made by the proper administrative authority to reactivate the account, the Director of Information Technology Services needs to be notified of this decision.

Deletion of St. Cloud State Accounts

Deactivated accounts at St. Cloud State, and the files and e-mail associated with them, will be deleted from the St. Cloud State system one year after the account has been in the deactivated state. 

Reactivation of St. Cloud State Accounts

St. Cloud State accounts are reactivated when a student enrolls for a current or future term. If the account has been deleted, files and email will not be available and a new account will be created.