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SCSU's Spam Solution

Spam is electronic junk mail and includes any unsolicited commercial e-mails you receive. Spam can be frustrating, deceptive and even dangerous. St. Cloud State University fights spam aggressively, but it’s impossible to stop all unwanted e-mail.

SCSU’s Spam Solution allows you to log into SCSU’s anti-spam server to control and customize your own spam maintenance for your e-mail address, including:

  • Retrieving messages
  • Signing up for various filtering levels
  • Maintaining your safe and blocked sender list
  • Managing your Quarantine (blocked messages)
  • Signing up for daily digests

Use your HuskyNetID (username) and password to log in at the top of this page. For more information on how to use the new SPAM solution, please review our User Guide and other information available to the right.

Quick Tip

Avoid phishing
Phishing is a particularly dangerous kind of spam in which fraudulent e-mail messages seek your personal information such as banking or other account information. Find out more on the HuskyNet phishing page.