Windows Vista

Windows 7, Microsoft Corp.


Windows 7 is currently being evaluated for potential future deployment to general access lab computers and will be available for offices by request after testing is completed. Windows 7 is not yet a supported operating system for campus workstations. Windows XP and Windows Vista are supported operating system for campus workstations.


Windows 7, Microsoft's newest operating system was released in October 2009. Windows 7 is an upgrade to the Windows operating system, currently Windows Vista.

Version(s) and Support Level(s)

  • Windows 7 is classified as as Evaluation; ITS is currently in the process of evaluating this software for use and support at St. Cloud State University. This will be based on several factors, including St. Cloud State University's needs, functions and stability of the software.

Known Compatibility Issues


  • Windows 7 is not yet supported in the labs or faculty and staff offices, but is available for personal purchase at the Computer Store.